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This upgrades your shipping one level.


Example: If you purchase a single card, it is mailed via USPS First Class Mail and no tracking is offered. With this upgrade, your card is now able to be tracked via USPS First Class Parcel. 


If your order would typically fall into the USPS First Class Parcel category, USPS  estimates are 5 days. This upgrade would kick this into the USPS Priority Mail category and estimates 2-3 days.


If your order includes a boxed set of any kind, it already receives the highest and fastest level of shipping so this upgrade is not necessary.


Please understand that even with this upgrade, I still cannot 100% GUARANTEE that your package will reach you in that timeframe. We can both only do our best and hope that the USPS does it's job in the timeframe it says it will. Once your package leaves my hands, it's completely out of my control.

Expedited Shipping

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