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Shoo Fly! Fly swatters are essential to farm or ranch living; with livestock comes flies that need swatted! 


These fly swatters are much cuter than your average county fair freebies. The scallop-edged swatter is collapsible and has a comfy grip for those long, fly-swatting recon missions. Collapsed all the way down, they measure a mere 10.5 inches--perfect to keep out of sight in your kitchen junk drawer--and fully extended they reach almost 29 inches. Those flies won't know what hit 'em, literally!


These cuties come in three bright colors...electric blue, true yellow and magenta...and are perfect for a tractor or combine, the car and of course, every room of your house!

Shoo Fly Swatter

$9.00 Regular Price
$5.40Sale Price
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