Ever found yourself out and about and the thought crosses your mind, "holy cow, I need to send a note to so-and-so" or "shoot, it's her birthday and I forgot a card!"?? Happens to me all. the. time. And if I don't write a card right then and there, the card might not be sent at all. 


The Keeper Sleeve Set is a solution to your problem. This 9x6 sleeve can keep all kinds of things contained, including your Hungry Canyon greeting cards and envelopes. The embroidered, black canvas sleeve comes with 5 cards, envelopes and stamps to start your collection. The zippered closure ensures that whatever you choose to store in it is kept safe. 


Throw the keeper sleeve into your purse, desk at the office, or console of your vehicle to make sure you don't find yourself without cards again. 

Keeper Sleeve Set