As a kid my favorite part of harvest was taking meals to the field for the crew. Most days it was the only time we got to see our dad that time of year. “Harvest Supper” depicts a scene many family’s can relate to. Drawn by a Nebraska artist and farmer, Andy Jobman.


Available in a Long Sleeve Comfort Wash in red.


These Hanes Comfort Wash shirts are true to size and have just the right amount of room to be comfy. They’re made with 100% American-grown cotton, Made in the USA and printed locally to Hungry Canyon Headquarters in Northwest Iowa.


We’re changing up the way we do apparel orders here at Hungry Canyon to ensure you get your pick at each product in the size you need! PRE-ORDERS will be available for this product from September 17-September 20. 


Once the pre-order window has closed, the order will be processed and we will begin shipping October 3rd. 


If you wish to order another item not in the *Pre-order Fall/Harvest Collection* you will need to make a separate order containing the other items. Items that are not part of the preorder launch will ship at the standard time. 

“Harvest Supper” Graphic Long-Sleeve T


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