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Order by the 1/2 case for wholesale. This product represents 12 individual glasses shipped via USPS or UPS. I would retail these for anywhere from $8-16 in your shops.


These beer can glasses are the BEST drinkers. They feel good in your hands, the lip is perfect for sipping or slurping, and they're cute to boot! The design is screenprinted directly on the glass and while they are dishwasher safe, I encourage handwashing to keep the design in pristine shape for as long as possible.


This rate includes the extra shipping and handling required for purchasing and mailing glassware via USPS. Should you receive your package and something inside is broken, notify me immediately via email or telephone >> or 402-669-5126.

Cheers to Farmers Glasses-wholesale

  • These glasses are dishwasher safe BUT, I encourage you to handwash in an effort to keep the screenprinted design on them last as long as possible. If you do put them in the dishwasher, make sure you stick them on the top rack. 

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